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Another brick in the wall: So how screwed are we, exactly?

We're losing BBC, Roll Box and many more of our faves

So, as you've probably heard, there's some serious change afoot in our fair Beijing. Change of the brick-based, bulldozer-y variety.

Here are some of the recent developments. We'll keep you updated if and when situations change, although beyond what we've got here, nothing's been made concrete. Set in stone, you might say. Okay, we'll stop there.


Xinfucun map

Whatever's going to happen on Xingfucun, it's happening on Wednesday 29. The map above shows which parts of the street are being targeted, with the other side of the road and the stores to the right of the condemned buildings being safe for the moment.

Businesses that are going to be impacted by the plans include Roll Box, gay sports bar Anchor, noodle restaurant Ling Er Jiu, Frost and Bottle, Boot & Cigar (BBC). However, although we'd still advise visiting these spots for a last hurrah, fans of bahn mi, cocktails and Shaanxi noodles need not despair quite yet. Ling Er Jiu already have a couple of other spots around Beijing, including in the Topwin Center and the U-Town mall, and both BBC and Roll Box are already looking for new locations in the neighbourhood.



The west end of Wudaoying Hutong, nearest to Andingmen subway station, has already been bricked up. We're not sure yet what's going down along the rest of the alley, although it's likely that additional shops and businesses will be affected.

Beixinqiao Santiao

beixinqiao santiao

Most of the lamb-leg restaurants down this street are already gone, with more establishments likely to be bricked up in the coming days and weeks. There have also been rumours that plans will soon extend to streets nearby, although we cannot at this present moment in time confirm this.

Jianchang Hutong

jianchang hutong

Yet again (sensing a pattern yet?), there's very little clarity surrounding the situation on Jianchang, although piles of bricks have sprung up like props from a B-movie which hardly seems like a good omen – let's hope local favourites Arrow Factory and Stuff'd are spared.



Sanlitun has already been subject to brick justice, with several hotspots already blocked off and closed down. Some venues are gone for good, others, like Revolution (pictured), are still open but with a different entrance.

The future?

Gate of Heavenly Peace
Artist's impression.

This beautiful little piece of Photoshop has been doing the rounds on WeChat. Probably not though, tbh.

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