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Ever wanted to join the PLA? Now you can (kind of) with this selfie app

It's the People's Liberation Army's 90th birthday, and we're all invited

Ever wanted to look like a smokin' hot piece of propaganda? Now you can, courtesy of this snazzy People's Daily-produced app which lets you plonk your patriotic visage into the glorious garb of a Red Army uniform.

sam commie
He's holding a siege... of our hearts. All pictures of Time Out team.

Simply snap a selfie, pick the era of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) you're going for and you're off; the app comes complete with a ten-second propaganda clip and uniforms ranging from the dingy threads of the earliest comrades to the sleek sophistication of the modern-day PLA. Once you've watched the video, simply scroll through the time periods on offer (we're head over nicely polished military boots for the classic stylings of the 1965-85 ensemble) and get ready to consider wearing nothing but khaki from here on in.

me commie
We didn't know revolutionaries had access to eyebrow gel, but there you go.

The PLA, more commonly known as the Red Army, began with the Nanchang Uprising on August 1 1927 and has just staged a whopping great military parade in Beijing. It's currently got about 2,350,000 active personnel, with another 2,300,000 in reserve, and has the motto 'Serve the People'.

amy commie
Don't be fooled by the pigtails, she'll still kick your ass.

Try the app out for yourselves by following this link or by scanning the QR code above, and don't forget to send us your soldierly selfies using #timeoutbeijing on Instagram

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