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China bans multiple imported cheeses

Hopefully it's only temporary

Rebecca Siegel/Flickr
We're used to talk of things being banned in China, it's just part of life. Cycling on certain roads? Sure, we understand. VPNs? We're not the biggest fans of that one, yet we get it. Cheese? Wait, what? Something stinks...

According to numerous sources, including CheeseRep, a reliable source of cheese-based news if there ever was one, certain types of cheese and cheese products have been banned from China. Restaurants around town have been contacted by suppliers notifying them that, as of 23 August 2017, they have stopped the importation of mould-ripened cheese due to instructions from Chinese authorities.

The banned list of cheeses deals a particular blow to soft cheese, as big-name fan favourites such as Brie and Camembert are casualties, while blue cheese, goat cheese and Roquefort also won't be gracing your cheese board anytime soon.

Many hard cheeses have managed to escape this dairy cull, with the likes of Emmental, Tomme and Manchego being deemed acceptable, as well as semi-soft Italian heavy-weight Mozzarella also being classed as China-friendly. We are yet to hear about the fate of the humble Babybel...

As far as we know, these regulations are temporary and the reason for certain types of cheese being banned is to do with bacteria. We will let you know more when we hear it.

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