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WeChat prohibits all profile changes until the end of October

We hope you like your profile pic...

And it just don't stop. In a run of recent online restrictions – including crackdowns on VPNs – WeChat is now blocking its users from changing their profile details, including name, picture and status.

Users trying to change their profile information get the following system error message:


According to the system message from WeChat, the reason behind the new usage restriction explains, 'Due to system maintenance, you are not able to make any modifications.' The restrictions are currently set to last until the end of the month (at least).

The sudden rule, which came without warning, only seems to be in place for Chinese nationals at this time. Non-Chinese citizens are still able to change their personal information.

While the official reason is system maintenance, given the timing, there is inevitable speculation that these social media restrictions targeting Chinese nationals are related to the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

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