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Robbie Williams and Maroon 5 shows cancelled

Crushing blows to Beijing's summer music line-up under unknown circumstances

Beijing’s summers always simmer with plenty to see in the art world. But, if you’ve been following recent music news, the event line-up for the coming weeks has been taking a beating – and nobody quite knows why. Following the nixing of the Rising Beach Party, Beijing is losing some big names with show cancellations from Robbie Williams and Maroon 5.

robbie williams

Robbie Williams isn’t just ditching us; he’s apparently cancelled his entire Asia tour. In 2006, he pulled the Asian portion of his Close Encounters tour citing exhaustion and health concerns. This time around, according to the International Business Times, his management have plumped for the classic 'issues outside of the artist's control' as the reason for the cancellation.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more information, but, even then, nothing will replace the hole on our hearts left by this summer tragedy. Sigh.

As if that weren’t crushing enough, Maroon 5 has reportedly ‘pulled out’ from their Beijing show. We use the phrasing loosely, since we hear musings about Maroon 5 being prevented from performing by our political friends up above.

At an 'important exiled spiritual leader’s' recent birthday summit in California, one of Maroon 5’s members was said to be in attendance – and, if Linkin Park and James Blake are good enough examples, this is all an artist needs to get a big X on their visa application.

On a less conspiratorial note, perhaps the cancellation is linked to singer Adam Levine’s vocal troubles early on in the tour. M5’s camp is staying mum for now, so we’re left to wonder and wallow in our heartthrob-less tears.

For now, at least we can still get a little sugar on YouTube [VPN required]

To salvage our starving musical souls, we’ll have to make sure we’re seeing some of the other big names on Beijing’s summer line-up, including OK Go, Muse, and Linkin Park (fingers crossed they make it this time!). Don’t miss them.
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