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Another one bites the dust: Modernsky Lab is closing

And just like that, Beijing's music scene just got a little quieter

After just two years of dishing out some of the most electrifying and genre-bending music to Beijing, enfant terrible Modernsky Lab is closing its doors for good at the Galaxy SOHO. In a recent WeChat post, the indie record label cited their overall dissatisfaction with the venue's conditions as the key reason behind the decision to not renew their lease.


In particular, low ceiling heights, poor ventilation and cramped square footage were put forth as mitigating factors, with the Modern Sky folks stating that they were adversely affecting the enjoyment of both party-goers and performers.

These sweet garms will have to go elsewhere.

This closure actually comes as a bit of a shock, particularly after the opening of sister venues in Kunming (last year) and in Shanghai just in May of this year. All's not lost though. The Beijing-based record label won't be permanently calling it quits in their hometown and are already promising to re-open as soon as they can find another suitable venue, one that promises a more party-friendly experience.

But until all that happens, Beijing's music scene just got a little quieter and less fabulous. Here's to you Modernsky Lab, thanks for all the memories.

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