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China's Grammys: the Midi Music Awards

Find out the best artists of 2012 Sun 16 at the MasterCard Center

Come find out who’s been crowned rock royalty at this Sunday’s Fourth Annual Midi Awards, China’s closest thing to the Grammys. But unlike the Grammys, which are only open to the musical glitterati, the Midis are open to the public.

In addition to rubbing shoulders with China’s rock elite, attendees will also get the chance to catch performances by a range of artists, including nu-metal outfit Yaksa, punk veterans Brain Failure, electro-poppers Nova Heart, DJ Youdai and more.

Organized by the Beijing Midi School – a modern music conservatory that launched Midi Festival, one of the first rock festivals in China – the Midi Awards are governed by a seven-member committee of old-school rockers and industry figures whose names we mostly don’t recognize.

In addition to best album/artist/song/performance/etc, this year’s ceremony will feature the new and spectacularly vague ‘Annual Standing Committee Award,’ which can be awarded to an artist, band, organization, venue, event, composition and so on (see the full list below).

Don’t forget to bring flowers and rotten eggs to show the winners how you feel! Directions and ticket information in the event link below.

Award Categories
1. Album of the Year

2. Song of the Year

3. Best Rock Performance By Group With Vocals

4. Best Male Rock Vocal Performance

5. Best Female Rock Vocal Performance

6. Best Hard Rock Performance

7. Best Metal Performance

8. Best Rock Instrumental Performance

9. Best Live Performance

10. Best New Artist

11. Best Album Art

12. Best Folk Music

13. Contribution to China Rock

14. Standing Committee Award

Event The Fourth Annual Midi Awards at the MasterCard Center on Sun 16

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