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Introducing: The Dyne

Instrumental duo on surf-influenced experimentation

Named after a physics term, and mixing everything from ambient to surf, instrumental duo The Dyne are an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in tight jeans. We talk to guitarist Si Yunge and drummer Bai Tianke...

You guys rehearsed for a year before you started playing shows. How has playing in front of an audience changed your music?
We don’t really ever think about the audience. We’re very contained within ourselves, almost as if we’re reckoning with ourselves; it doesn’t relate so much to the audience.

What kind of bands were you guys originally inspired by?
Mmm, older bands, like Mafei… Also, a lot of older punk bands like Television, Talking Heads and Suicide, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ guitarist Blixa Bargeld. Also, [Afrobeat pioneer] Fela Kuti.

You make more surf-influenced instrumental stuff. How did you develop that style?
We were never trying to go along with a certain genre – and actually, we’re trying to work outside of that, to create a new style for ourselves. But there is that as well – we really like Dick Dale, and good bands from the ’50s through the ’70s.

So if someone asked you what kind of music you guys play, what would you say?
We usually say, ‘We don’t know either!’ We’re not that specific, but we do have some really atmospheric stuff, ambient stuff with these really glimmering, subtle changes. Lately we’ve been focusing more on minimal stuff.

Now, because of the internet, it’s a lot easier to draw from all kinds of genres and styles.
Yeah, it’s really been an explosion of music. However, we don’t especially stay up to date with all the advanced technology. Everything nowadays is so ready-made; it’s so commercial. We want to break away from this fast-food kind of music. Of course we would like it if other people appreciate our music but if nobody liked our music, we wouldn’t fret either, because we’re doing this for ourselves.

The Dyne play Blue Stream Bar on Wednesday 3 and release their debut single at Temple on Friday 26.