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Strawberry Festival off in Beijing

Strawberry Festival to be 'delayed' in Beijing, held as scheduled in Shanghai

Local label Modern Sky today announced that Strawberry Festival - an annual three-day music fest held in cities across China - would be held as scheduled in Shanghai and 'delayed' in Beijing due to venue problems.

The announcement comes after weeks of speculation as to whether the major May Day music festivals, Midi and Strawberry, would proceed as normal, following a spate of cancelled foreign acts. Midi has already announced that it will not hold a festival this year in Beijing due to an inability to obtain venue permits.

The Ministry of Culture has cited safety concerns regarding large gatherings of people in the wake of a stampede over New Year's that killed 36 in Shanghai.

So what are we missing out on? There's not a lot of word yet on what acts they'll be bringing over, but the Wuhan fest will feature expected Chinese acts AV Okubo, Queen Sea Big Shark, Hedgehog, Omnipotent Youth Society, etc. and foreign acts sleepmakeswaves (playing Beijing on April 17) and Francis White.

There's no word yet on if and when the Beijing fest may be held, but we're not holding our breaths.

Modern Sky has been keeping all info pretty close to the chest - but what they did offer media was this bizarre promotional video featuring some of their more famous artists.

Oh well, roll film:
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