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High concentrations of urine found in Beijing pools

There might be more mouthfuls of pee in your morning swim than you thought

Photo: Lorelyn Medina from Shutterstock.com

To pee or not to pee – that is the question. Unfortunately, those with full bladders in Beijing’s public pools are a wee bit (excuse the pun) more decisive than Hamlet when it comes to letting loose in the warm water.

According to the The South China Morning Post, the city’s health authorities found three public pools with excessive levels of urine – the specific pools are yet to be revealed, but we'd start with the ones where the shallow end seems a little higher than it’s supposed to.

National standards set urea levels in swimming pools at 3.5 milligrams per litre, but these pools blow that standard out of the water, with one pool measuring a bladder-busting 20 milligrams per litre of urea.

The deputy head of the health authority said that the direct cause was swimmers urinating in the water. Duh.

Failing to change the pool water often enough also contributed to the high levels.

If you’re still desperate for a swim, play it safe by checking out Time Out’s picks for the best pools in Beijing. Or if you’re brave enough to venture into unknown waters, just be careful of the pool you’re in, and while you’re at it, the pool urine.

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