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Could this invention put a stop to Beijing pollution?

Probably not, tbh

All photographs courtesy of UNDP

The wheels on the bus will soon go round and round with no emissions, according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Today the UNDP unveiled a 12m-long, hydrogen-fuelled bus at a press conference in the UN compound. It may look like a regular boring bus, but this baby could well be the future of clean transportation in Beijing.


What a spectacular looking bus. Also pictured: Li Honggang, Head of Division of Transportation, High Tech Department, Ministry of Science and Technology

However, much like that co-worker who never talks to anyone the whole year but necks a bottle of baijiu and takes their underwear off at the office party, this bus is hiding a secret: it’s completely emissions free. The vehicle churns out water, rather than nasty carbon emissions. It also charges in under ten minutes, as opposed to the five hours that a comparable electric vehicle demands (the divas).

The bus was showcased this morning and is supported by the UNDP, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The bus will be produced domestically in partnership with Tsinghua University, SinoHytec and Beiqi Foton Motor.

So if global warming really is a hoax 'created by and for the Chinese', as The Donald asserts, at least China is helping in the fight against this made-up issue.


Special guest Michelle Yeoh looks at a bus

Sadly, there's no indication of when these green bad boys will be at a Beijing bus stop near you. Baby steps, guys, baby steps. Obviously, in this smoggiest and most congested of cities, any potential respite from the pollution has to be a positive thing. But why end there? Hydrogen taxis, anyone?

We're fully on board with this idea and support the inevitable rise of our new pollution-free bus overlords. All hail hydrogen bus!

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