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Police shut down Yen Fetish

Cops storm the Halloween party after bouts of violence at the door

Yen Fetish Halloween was closed down by police last night after several violent altercations on the door.

According to eyewitnesses, the event was shut down shortly after 1.30am as violent incidents began to escalate.

The party in Universal Creative Park, near 798, is one of the biggest Halloween celebrations in the city. A live performance by band Nova Heart and sets from Blackie, Mickey Zhang, Bite-size Buddha and several other big-name local DJs were the headline acts.

Revellers that arrived later on in the night were faced with hordes of bao ‘an and police officers at the door as they tried to enter the venue. Large groups of people were being refused entry, ostensibly because of fears that the venue was over capacity.

‘As I arrived there it was an absolute clusterf**k at the door, it was horrendous,’ an eyewitness, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Time Out. ‘There were about 60 people in a big bunch around the door, everyone shoving each other as police were not allowing any more in. Most people had bought tickets, that’s why they were pissed off.’

‘I finally got through and was waiting at the door for a friend that had been dragged back into the crowd, the baying mob, and one of the police shoved me. I wasn’t interfering with them at all and then they pushed me, shouting, ‘Go inside, go inside!’ It was so unnecessary – they were obviously very agitated.

'[The police] seemed to lack training because they couldn’t deal with it – they were getting angry and pissed off. They didn’t have any order on the door, they weren’t getting people to queue up. They just kind of plugged it and seemed to hope it would be okay. It made people angry.

‘It wasn’t even that full. There were a lot of people in there but it’s a really big space – they could have easily fit another 1,000 people in without any danger.

‘And then they just shut it down! A girl told me she and others had got in by breaking through the line of the defence and the police had got a bit violent. I think that’s probably why they shut it down, because they felt like they’d lost control of the situation.’

The party, organised by entertainment company O2 Culture, was celebrating its tenth anniversary last night.

With this latest s**t sandwich, and news that Halloween costumes are banned on the subway this year as they may cause 'panic', it looks like Beijing isn't going to be much fun until APEC is over and done with.

'I guess the police were nervous of having so many people at one place at the start of APEC,' says Philipp Grefer, aka DJ Metro Tokyo. 'It was quite sad because the vibe of the party was really good!'


Yen have issued a statement and are offering refunds. See more here.