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Great Wall Music Festival 2013 guide

See our guide to the electronic music event of the summer

Okay, we admit it: we've been watching the timer on the Great Wall Music Festival 2013's website count down to the big day for awhile now. As we write this, it's at 12 days, 5 hours, 20 minutes and 16 seconds. Wait... now it's 12 days, 5 hours, 20 minutes and 15 seconds! Wait... now it's... must close tab... gah!

Get even more stoked with our indispensable guide to absolutely everything you need to know about the Great Wall Music Festival 2013 on May 11. See below for info on:

– Headliners
– Line-up
– Tickets
– Transportation

We'll update this page with the latest info, so bookmark it and check back!


David Guetta

Expect to have your view obstructed by hundreds of smartphones and iPads when superstar DJ David Guetta takes the stage. Scoff at his mainstream success all you want, but for one night, why not forget all the snobbery and instead revel in the fact that you are witnessing the world's biggest DJ play at one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Think about that. Or don't think and just dance.

Listen David Guetta - Titanium feat Sia

Ram Records owner Andy C is pretty much the reason drum 'n' bass exists. Music genres tend to sputter, some quicker than others, but the enduring popularity of drum 'n' bass over the two decades he's been running his label attest to his ear for good tunes and his smart mixing. Brits: if you see an American struggling to dance along with the upbeat tempo (years and years of getting low to mainstream hip-hop will do that to you), give them a quick tutorial.

Listen Major Lazer - Get Free (Andy C Remix)

UPDATE TJR seems to have been cut from the line-up. We're trying to reach Cool DJ Agency to confirm this. He may not hold a candle to Andy C and David Guetta in terms of popularity, but we won't be surprised if TJR's set turns out to be the funnest of the night. Remember: we called it! TJR has an incredible knack for controlling the energy in his mixes and is ace with effects. Plus, his collection of excellent originals and remixes is enough to make just about any producer jealous. Case in point, TJR's track 'Funky Vodka' (listen below) caught Pitbull's ear and went on to become the instrumental for the rapper's hit 'Don't Stop the Party'.

Listen TJR - Funky Vodka

Probably the most forgettable of the bunch, pretty boy Kaz James may look the part, but his tracks are noisy without being terribly exciting. His debut release 'Kids' sounds like it could be a s**t club mix of Passion Pit's 'Take a Walk' and his second most notable track, a re-imagining of Skrillex and Kaskade's 'Lick It', robs the track of it's funky fervor. As far as his set is concerned, expect safe big room bangers (we'll be astounded if he doesn't play Sandro Silva and Quintino's track 'Epic') and scant mixing. We'll give Kaz this, though: he's got a nifty website.

Listen Skrillex and Kaskade - Lick It (Kaz James Remix)



Great Wall Music Festival 2013 tickets are 580RMB; 480RMB presale. See below for a list of presale ticket locations.



College Perk

Buy online


Buses leave from BLCU east gate and Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center west gate. See below for the bus schedule. Buses are for valid ticket holders only. Round trip fare is 30RMB.

The Great Wall Music Festival 2013 is at the Juyongguan Great Wall on May 11. See event listing.