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2 Kolegas random drug test sees nine arrested

Police seal exits, conduct random drug test at 2 Kolegas

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On Saturday night at around 2am, police raided music venue 2 Kolegas. The exits were sealed and patrons were not allowed to leave until they had submitted a sample of urine to be tested for narcotics.

2 Kolegas co-owner Liu Miao tells us that four Chinese and five foreigners were arrested after testing positive. The latter group likely face imminent deportation.

'I'm most worried about the foreigners,' Liu says. 'The Chinese people will probably be released within ten days.'

Stephen McDonell, China Correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, was among those tested for narcotics that night. According to his tweet, at least one foreigner had already been deported as of 8pm yesterday.


The random drug test at 2 Kolegas comes after a drug crackdown in late May this year saw more than 30 foreign drug dealers arrested.

The owners of 2 Kolegas were held by police immediately following the raid, but have since been released.

This post will be updated as the situation develops.

Update The number of patrons arrested was previously reported as being as many as 30. McDonell confirms new figure.

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