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Shanghai's average air pollution levels overtake Beijing

You have our condolences Shanghai

Beijing's air pollution levels have been on a steady decline ever since the government's 2013 air quality action plan was taken into effect. In fact, the major steel plant shutdowns and heavy restrictions on coal caused a 54 percent drop in air pollution levels in the past year, data shows. Unfortunately, the same now can't be said for our friends down south.

Shanghai's PM2.5 levels have risen by 9 percent in the last three months, overtaking Beijing. According to Greenpeace publication Unearthed, this is due to the shift in industrial output from regions around the capital to other economic hubs – such as Shenzhen and Shanghai – thus a rise in emission levels.

Unless Shanghai implements stringent anti-pollution policies, the city may soon assume the mantle of China's most polluted major city. Time to think about wearing a mask, Shanghaiers.

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