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Take a look at Slow Boat's ballin' Sanlitun taproom

Slow Boat unveils a huge new brewpub – and it's pretty dope

The team at Slow Boat Brewery opened the doors of their highly anticipated Sanlitun brewpub to give Time Out a sneak peak.

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Located on Sanlitun Nan Lu, a few paces from The Bookworm, the new space could not be more different from the original Dongsibatiao location.

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It's spread over three cavernous floors: you got breathing room, you got seating room, heck you got dancing room. Anyone familiar with the humble one-room original taproom will appreciate just how much of a step up for Slow Boat this really is; manspread (or ladyspread, it is 2016 after all) to your heart's content.

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Things start relatively small on the ground floor with floor-to-ceiling french doors giving way to a small, four-tap 'gentlemen's bar' for those who want to drink overlooking the street. We love it!

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The second floor is dominated by a zinc-topped pine-lined bar, red patent leather-upholstered stools and enough hardwood tables to seat a small army.

The windows that line the western wall are massive, allowing plenty of natural light.

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The third floor offers a second bar and more seating – all told, about 175 can be comfortably seated here.

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Expect the same great beers that put Slow Boat on the map, as well as a few new brews made in the new tanks onsite.

From the kitchen, we can look forward to the Slow Boat classic burgers as well as a few new additions, including a Thai-style burger and a double-decker burger, featuring double the beef and double the trouble. A full range of souped-up salads will also be on offer for those looking to toss back a few pints on their low-carb diets (no judgement).

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All in all, things look pretty good at the new Slow Boat. With a crackling location, a beautiful space and expanded menu, Slow Boat has dropped anchor in some mighty impressive digs.

Slow Boat is only open for its famalam over the next few days; it should be open to the public next weekend. We'll keep you updated on the blog bar when we know more.

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