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Both Bottega and TRB announce second locations, because life is just that sweet

Fans of Neapolitan-style pizza and French fine dining, walk this way

Some big developments in the Beijing restaurant scene have emerged recently, and we're pretty stoked as they involve some of our favourite spots in the city to chow down and splash out.

Firstly, we're waving goodbye to TRB Bites, the classy-casual sibling to Temple Restaurant Beijing. Although we're going to miss the breezily elegant approach at Bites, all is not lost: the restaurant is merely being upgraded to match the superlative European fine dining approach over at TRB.


The new restaurant will be called TRB Forbidden City, and we've been told that it's going to broadly repeat the strokes of the original – that is to say, dining there is going to be an Experience with a capital E – but overlooking Beijing's most iconic site.

There's no word yet as to whether they're planning to recreate the TRB menu or try something a little different, but we can't wait to sink our fangs into carefully realised takes on French classics either way. What's more, the TRB team are also working on a cafe concept for 2017. Oooh la la – we can taste those macaroons already.


There's also going to be a major overhaul at Bottega, which at the current moment in time serves some of the best pizza in Beijing but is a bit of a bugger to find, especially for first-time diners. Perhaps in light of this, the carb slingers are moving digs to the second floor of Nali Patio, where they'll be joining such similarly Mediterranean staples as Migas and Mosto.


In addition, the Neapolitan-style pizzeria recently announced plans to open a second location just north of the Liangma River, off Xindong Lu. Arancini and imported buffalo mozzarella for everyone!

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