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Hatchery's rolling out a new concept and it looks delicious

Better loosen your waistbands, chickens

Here in the beef-positive environs of Time Out Towers, we're pretty keen on the Antipodean burger bonanza that is Common Burger, so a few tears were shed over the news that the concept will be leaving Hatchery at the end of this week, leaving only a slick of garlic mayonnaise and a few smears of beetroot relish behind to prove it was ever there.

All is not lost, however, as Hatchery has just announced that it'll soon be playing host to a barnstorming Kiwi success story. The concept is called Bird On A Wire, or BOAW for short, and it looks incredible.

botw main
Chicken from Bird On A Wire. Dishes pictured won't necessarily be on the menu at the Hatchery pop-up. Image: Instagram/@birdonawire.

Unlike most of the taste experiences that have previously set up shop at Hatchery, BOAW has a precedent for dishing up high-quality food under its own branding, with the good folks at China's first culinary incubator describing the guys as a 'free-range rotisserie chicken success story' from New Zealand. They've been around since 2012, and we've got it on good word that, as well as being a pretty healthy way to indulge, they stress the importance of high quality ingredients and casual, shareable plates.

Image: Instagram/@birdonawire.

Oh, did we mention that their schtick is free-range rotisserie chicken? Because it is, and that's (pardon the pun), clucking fantastic. After the abject disappointment that was Peri Peri, it might be nice to have something in the city that can adequately satisfy Nando's cravings (yes, they do have peri-peri sauce) while actually being quite good for you.

bird on a wire
Image: Instagram/@birdonawire.

Visitors to BOAW can expect to be offered sandwiches, soups, chips and some knockout salads – and, of course, stacks and stacks of perfectly cooked, mouthwatering chicken.

BOAW is scheduled to launch in May, with a finger-lickin', wing-flappin' party to celebrate its arrival. We strongly suspect the concept is named after a Leonard Cohen song. We kind of love it already.

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