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TRB to open a new location in Taikoo Li

TRB Hospitality reveals new delicious plans for 2018

In what's sure to be very exciting news for Beijing foodies, the good folks from TRB Hospitality Group announced yesterday their plans to develop a new dining concept at Taikoo Li South. Planned for early 2018, this latest endeavour comes on the heels of their late-March revamp of TRB Forbidden City (formerly TRB Bites).

Departing from tradition by omitting TRB from its name (see TRB Hutong, TRB Copper and the aforementioned TRB Forbidden City), this new venue will simply be titled Hulu and is set to occupy the original space left over by the recently ousted Cantina Agave.

cantina agave
RIP Cantina Agave.

In yesterday's WeChat post, founder and owner of TRB Hospitality Group Ignance Lecleir stated that the main aim of Hulu is 'to serve in a casual, yet contemporary ambiance a menu full of comfort food and sharing dishes in the heart of Sanlitun'. This concept separates Hulu markedly from its older counterpart TRB Hutong, suggesting a shift away from the pageantry of fine dining to a more relaxed, informal setting – or rather, a 'home away from home' as the TRB team suggested themselves. Whatever their plans, it's sure to be delicious.

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