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McDonald's China is changing its name to 'Golden Arches'

We're not lovin' it

In news which is causing the most controversy since KFC released the chizza (that’s a chicken-pizza hybrid), McDonald’s is McDonald’s no longer. Yesterday evening, Chinese media reported that the US food giant has received a Chinese name change from the beloved Maidanglao (which sounds phonetically like McDonald’s) to Jingongmen (which translates roughly to ‘Golden Arches’).

Oh the humanity: KFC's chizza.

As helpfully pointed out by disgruntled Weibo users, Jingongmen sounds like a fancy new Peking duck restaurant or Chinese herbal store. According to an article by Reuters however, the change has nothing to do with rebranding, and more to do with a buyout from CITIC Ltd and Carlyle Group (though we are perversely curious to see McDonald's branch out to Peking duck).

Thankfully, the name change won't be applied to actual stores which means when you're lurching home from a night out with a fast food craving, you won't have to rack your brains telling your Didi driver the translation of Golden Arches.