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Singles' Day 2016 in numbers

They came. They clicked. They possibly regretted their impulse purchases

Just as expected, consumers went absolutely crazy for the online deals and steals that popped up across the interwebs during last Friday's Singles' Day shopping bonanza, soothing their souls with the sweet, sweet nectar of material goods.

As for the sugar daddy Alibaba and their e-commerce cronies, they'll once again be laughing all the way to the bank, with records blown away and astronomical sums of money changing hands during the 24-hour period.

In what is now post-Singles' tradition, we've rounded up some of the jaw-dropping stats from China's favourite splurge-athon.

121 billion RMB

Screen shot 2016-11-14 at 2

That's the reported GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) grand total shifted by Alibaba alone during the 24-hour purchasepalooza. Perhaps even more gross is the 171 billion RMB raked in collectively by China's 16 major e-commerce outlets, translating into around 26 billion USD.

32 percent


The percentage increase on Alibaba's Singles' Day 2015 sales, when they reached a mere 91.2 million RMB.

82 percent


The proportion of transactions made through smartphones – a 14 percent rise on last year's percentage of 68. Enough percentages, stat lovers?

6 minutes, 58 seconds


418 seconds, if you prefer. It took just under seven minutes for Alibaba to steam past the 10 billion RMB sales mark – four-and-a-half minutes quicker than 2015.

34.3 billion RMB


As the clock ticked past 1am on Friday morning, Alibaba had already processed 34.3 billion RMB (5 billion USD) worth of transactions.



The happy shoppers didn't let up as the day went on, and last year's record of 91.2 billion RMB was surpassed in broad daylight.

1.05 billion


If you're heading back into work this week expecting a busy one, spare a thought for kuaidi guys across the country, who will be delivering the staggering one billion parcels that came about from Singles' Day retail therapy. That's how many packages couriers and postal services are expected to shift before Wednesday 16, but they'll probably already be completely exhausted in the swing of things, having handled 251 million packages on Friday 11 alone.



Alibaba's Jack Ma – one very, very rich man.

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