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Calling it quits: Pop-Up Beijing is closing

Pop down to the beloved home décor and events space while you still can

The bright lights of Sanlitun have just gotten a little dimmer with the announced closure of homewares and furnishings boutique Pop-Up Beijing.

flea market
Beijing Flea Market.

In a recent WeChat post, Pop-Up Beijing co-founder and creative director Glenn Schuitman detailed the reasons behind the closure, writing, 'Around two weeks ago, my business partner Vito Zhang, announced that he no longer wishes to work in our industry, and that he wishes to close Pop-Up Beijing.' Citing an 'aggressive' business industry and the forced relocation of their warehouses as additional factors, Schuitman states an understanding of Zhang’s reluctance to continue running the business, yet also concedes that without his co-founder’s 'support and equal passion, Pop-Up Beijing as we know it is not sustainable in its current form.'

Pop-Up Beijing co-founders Vito Zhang and Glenn Schuitman.

With a closure date of December 10, Pop-Up Beijing will be closing almost three years to the day since it first opened in Sanlitun south’s backstreets. More than a home décor and interiors store, Pop-Up Beijing was given its name due to the regular events 'popping up' within its space. Over the course of the past three years, Pop-Up Beijing has frequently shared its space with the local art community, regularly transforming itself for weekly events such as classic film screenings, life-drawing classes, Throwback Thursdays (dedicated to creating a safe space for the LGBT community to socialise in), Sunday night supper clubs, plus treasure-filled monthly flea markets.

sunday supper club2
Sunday Supper Club.

Until they officially close, Pop-Up Beijing’s events schedule will continue as normal (to see a full list of upcoming events, check out Schuitman’s WeChat announcement). On Sunday 10 December, join the the good folks from Pop-Up Beijing for an all-day happy hour as they bid a final fond farewell to the beloved boutique.

kiwi drinks night
Kiwi Drinks Night.

Time will tell if Pop-Up Beijing emerges in another form. Until then, Beijing’s creative community already feels a little less technicolour.
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