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Beijing brand launches anti-pollution bag

Eco-friendly brand launches tote that purifies the air around you

Made by Mir

Beijing's muggy skies have inspired designers to come up with some incredible ways to combat pollution.

New brand on the block, Made by Mir, is a Beijing-based label that wants to mix fun fashion with an eco-friendly and sustainable touch.

New Mexico native and designer Miranda Mullett uses recycled materials and organic textiles sourced across Asia to craft her beautiful handmade handbags, tasseled bracelets and bejeweled rings. 

'[My designs] make me feel not guilty about my consumption,' Mullett says, who studied environmental chemistry at university.

Her latest design, a bag called the Beijing Edition, is an impressive organic canvass air purification bag that’s sprayed with titanium dioxide and purifies the air in the presence of light and pollution. The certified organic canvas totes (starting at 200RMB) from Pakistan are designed with science-inspired motifs such as microscopic bacteria and cells. Each bag will have a small bottle of titanium dioxide called ‘Purity’. When sprayed on your windows, it will purify indoor air, Mullett explains.

You can find Made by Mir and other fantastic designers this weekend at the Feige Vintage Fair, running May 1-3 at the Mastercard Center.

Know of an interesting designer in Beijing? We'd love to hear from you. Drop a note to: amyc.timeout@gmail.com

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