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From Thursday, you'll be able to get to Shanghai half an hour quicker

The bullet train just got a whole lot more bullet-ish

Flickr/Sjors Provoost
At 7am on Thursday 21, two very speedy trains will set off from Beijing and Shanghai respectively, and arrive at their destinations in just over four and a half hours. Regular visitors to good old Shangers, or just those of you who actually read the above headline, might notice that this is half an hour shorter than the time this journey normally takes.


The newly-souped up trains will travel at a top speed of a mind-boggling 350km/h, which is virtually as fast as the top speed of a Formula One car and the speed that the Fuxing trains were designed to travel at. However, the more cautious among us might do well to remember that the reason that China's high-speed trains were slowed down to start with stems from 2011, when a tragic collision in Zhejiang province claimed the lives of 40 passengers.

Faster trains will also incur higher operating costs, according to some experts, and will consume greater amounts of energy, although this shouldn't be reflected in price hikes, with journeys likely to remain at 550RMB a pop for a second-class ticket.

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