Hello Kitty Dreams restaurant to open in Beijing

The world’s favourite kitty scuttles up to Sanlitun.

Chinese microblog site Weibo has been lighting up in recent days with the unofficial announcement that a Hello Kitty-themed restaurant will open in Sanlitun in December.
‘Asia’s first Hello Kitty-themed dream restaurant, very new, ultra-fashionable.’ reads what appears to be one of the first posts on the topic. Other Weibo users have been posting photographs that appear to be of a Hello Kitty Café – a separate project – in another Asian city.
The Dreams Restaurant website is mostly still under construction but is hiring, if you are interest in working there as a waiter or even manager, and promises a menu of healthy, western-style food. If true, this would certainly be a departure from the Kitty café's cuisine – some of the stickiest, sweetest treats imaginable.
The restaurant will be in Shimao Department Store. A fancy looking mall opposite the north gate of the Workers’ Stadium. Your roving reporter was turned away by a security guard so this photo is the best I can offer.

The Japanese cartoon cat has a massive following in China, a 150-acre Hello Kitty theme park is slated to open in Zhejiang province in 2014.