WeChat withdrawals no longer free

March 1 penned for D-Day as Swiss bank accounts lick collective lips

It's over, you guys. It was too good to be true and now it's over: WeChat withdrawals will no longer be free. Damn it. Damn it. Just when you think you know a company worth 200 billion USD, they go and do you like that. Just like that.



Here's how it works (it's actually not that bad).


From March 1, everyone can withdraw a max of 1,000RMB from their balance for free.

After that, you're looking at a fee of 0.1 percent on each withdrawal, with a minimum fee of 0.1RMB.


Basically it means get your money out of there for free while you still can.

Let's calculate:

You've got, what, say 3,000RMB in your WeChat wallet because that's how you do. March 1 rolls around and you transfer 1,000RMB to your bank card. What happens? Nothing happens.



Sorry. But you're not done, so you withdraw another 1,000RMB. What happens then? 0.1 percent fee kicks in and you are charged 1RMB.

Is it that big a deal? Well, kind of. Nobody wants to be charged money to use their money. Will it lead to a bigger deal down the track? Who knows.

Sorry for the bad news.