Two fly rule for public toilets

City officials hope to make Beijing's WCs a tad more pleasant

The one good thing that can be said for Beijing’s widespread public toilets is that they come in handy after a night of excessive drinking. Aside from that, the smell, lack of toilet paper and undesirable intimacy with your fellow squatters makes taking a trip to the loo an experience best avoided at all costs.

Chinese officials hope to make your next bathroom break a hair more pleasant with their newest ordinance: a two fly limit (and they're not talking about the fly on your jeans). While it’s uncertain how the two fly rule will be enforced, one can hope that the facilities will see improvements similar to those made during the 2008 Olympics.

So next time you pay a visit to the public toilets, do the city a favor and smack those excess flies. That is, as long as you're okay with not having a sink to rinse insect insides off your hand.
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