Six sweet bikes

Skip the Beijing subway and hop on one of these bikes

Need a new bike? Don't get your spokes in a twist. We pick out some of the city's best bicycles.

Female Freedom (pictured above) 
With a small frame and a real leather saddle, this light model (from 8kg) is perfect for girls who just want to have fun. Like all bikes from Natooke, it’s custom-built for size, and customers choose their own colours, so prices vary.


From Asahi
Price 758RMB
It may have a cheesy sounding name, but this sturdy, 16kg steel bike is a value-for-money option that won’t fall apart as soon as you leave the showroom. It comes in six colours, including bright orange, pink, green and blue for extroverts, and brown and black for those who don’t like to stand out.

20” Leopard Performance

Flying Pigeon
Price 1,800RMB
The classic Chinese brand is barely recognisable in this spunky new model. But with its striking coat, eye-catching silhouette and a design that lets you swing it round 360 degrees without moving the handlebars, it’s certainly got the ‘grrr’ factor.

Dahon BYA412

Price 1,598RMB
Fed up with stolen cycles? Worry no more! With this handy model, you can fold it up and take it into your home, the
office or wherever as soon as you arrive. It’s not the lightest ‘foldie’ around, but it’s a good entry-level bike for the concerned commuter.

Swift Dark Matter

Price 18,000RMB
The choice of Portuguese national cross-country champion David Rosa, this top-end, 9kg mountain bike is aimed at serious riders who like nothing better than to tear it up in Beijing’s hills on the weekend. Available in two models, with varying prices.

Giant OCR3300

Price 2,498RMB
With its light aluminium frame, low handlebars and Michelin tyres, this bad boy was made for an equally bad-ass rider who loves to zip across the city leaving cars behind in their wake.

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  • 4 out of 5 stars