5 best indoor activities to escape the heat in Beijing this summer

Alternative indoor fun to keep you cool all summer long

Want to make the most out of the precious summer days but feel discouraged from the broiling sun? Well, don’t let the temperature get you down. When the weather swelters, take it indoors as there’re plenty of alternatives in Beijing that you can enjoy without the heat of the sun. To get you started, here’s five of the best indoor things you can do in the city this summer.

Test your nerve in an escape room

Photo: Mr.X/Wechat
Looking for something different to do with your mates in the mall than movies and karaoke? Well, there's plenty of fun, thrill-charged alternatives to help cool you down. For example, a spooky one like escape rooms may send you chills down your spine. Test your nerve and puzzle-solving skills in this one-of-a-kind real-life escape game. You’ll be locked in a maze of rooms and given a fictional scenario with only a few clues to help you escape. Under limited time, you will work together with your mates to crack the clues and look for the key. While there're plenty of these dark, eerie escape room locations, we recommend Mr.X Rooms, which costs 298RMB per person. It’s not cheap, but it’s one of the few places where the staff can speak English and walk you through the rules. With that said, it’s always better and safer to bring at least one or two friends who can read Chinese to help decipher the written clues.

Ride waves in an indoor surfing pool

Photo: Wavorhouse/Wechat
For those who are dreading the pool crowds or scared of getting sunburned (again) in waterparks, here's a Plan B option where you can still beat the heat in the water. This time, take the plunge in surfing, or flow-boarding. The Wavorhouse is one of the best places where you can surf in the landlocked capital. Its indoor wave pool features a water-gushing surfing simulator and a myriad of surfing classes tailored made for beginners of all ages – a great introduction to the sports and a cool way to get fit.

Up your drinking game in an activity bar


Let’s be honest, sitting down in a bar for a cold pint on a hot day can get tedious. If you're looking for places where drinking is ranked the second best thing to do, there’re quite a few ones in Beijing that offer just that. From shooting arrows to swinging a baseball bat, take your drinking game to the next level and hone some skills at these activity bars with an edge.

Slip and slide in an indoor skiing centre


Photo: Upbeat Indoor Ski Club/Wechat

Craving for a taste of winter in this heat? We’re glad to report that there is a happy middle ground. With indoor skiing and snowboarding facilities like the Upbeat Indoor Ski Club, you can experience the colder months all year long. Head down to the BBD No.1 Cultural Industry Park in Chaoyang district, and sled on snow-domes and dry slopes that are designed to have the feel of real snow and slip-and-slide. Not athletically inclined? No fear, there’re plenty of skiing and snowboarding lessons for all ages and levels too.

Strike some pins in a bowling alley


Photo: Pinstack Piano/Unsplash.com

Bowling – the perfect group outing and a sport you can truly enjoy no matter how well you do. Whether you’re a rookie or a serious bowler, East Gate Plaza Bowling Club is a popular choice. It comes with numerous hardwood lanes at a price that’s easy to justify for novices. Lanes are 28RMB per game during peak hours including shoes.

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