The city might ban Beijing bikini and 18 other uncivilised deeds

Will the Beijing Bikini be banned in the capital? Here’s how you can have your say

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The enduring and unique sights of the Beijing Bikini might not live to see the summer of 2020. Who knows, it might be relegated to becoming one of those nostalgic postcards to buy of Beijing back in the day… That is, if feedback from the public votes against that unique fashion sense.

On Monday, an online survey was released by the Beijing municipal civilisation promotion office to solicit opinions from the public to label what they deem to be ‘uncivilised behaviours’. The results will feed into a draft law that aims to blacklist, and possibly fine, certain behaviours.

This follows the clamp-down on similar undesirable behaviours in several other Chinese cities. In Jinan and Tianjin, baring one’s belly (apparently just for men) can result in a fine that ranges from 50 to 200RMB.

The survey (only in Chinese) features a lengthy list of 19 unseemly behaviours that tarnishes Beijing’s public image, and asks the public to choose up to ten of which they abhor the most. This includes anything from seat-robbing, spitting in public, walking dogs without a leash, loud music blaring when square-dancing to parking shared-bikes in unauthorised zones.

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But it’s not all bans and brickbats. It also lists desirable behaviours, such as being a good Samaritan, volunteering and donating blood which could possibly be rewarded via cash or one’s social credit.

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Overall, the move seems to be welcomed by most netizens on Chinese social media. Some however, were skeptical of enforcing this law, especially against behaviours like spitting, which is viewed as a common and accepted practice in China. ‘If public spitting is no longer a thing in China, it should be a revolutionary progress,’ one thoughtful Weibo user observed.

You too can have your say. The questionnaire (which is in Chinese, but you can use WeChat to translate it) is open from now until August 25.

Save the Beijing Bikini today!

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