First look: Burger Box

Fast food feels a whole less guilty at the new burger joint by the team behind healthy dining chain Moka Bro

Photo: Mosto Group

What is it?

Burger Box is a new burger joint that’s the latest venture into fast-food by the team behind café chain Moka Bros. Located next door to Moka Bros Sanlitun, the eatery adds to the trendy aesthetic of Nali Patio with a majestic centrepiece – a life-size cow sculpture installed on a single terrazzo table that stares majestically out towards Taikoo Li South.


Its buzzing vibe and minimalist decor feel reminiscent of its sister restaurant, but no less enticing with pumping beats, ample natural lighting. It has both indoor as well as outdoor seating that you might want to make use of before winter arrives. Its traditional hamburgers are made with 100 percent Australian beef, and is cooked on the ‘Ferrari of grills’, the Spanish charcoal oven-grill Josper. The patties are sizzled at 350-degree heat for about two minutes and the result is a juicy burger with a balanced medium texture that doesn’t sit heavy in the stomach.


What's on the menu?

Burger Box features eight burgers, from over-the-top carnivore offerings to meatless alternatives. Each burger is topped with fresh ingredients, house-made secret BB sauce, and four kinds of daily-prepped, never-frozen patties to choose from: beef, chicken, pork and vegan.If you’re beef-lover, try their take on the classic cheeseburger ‘That’s What Cheese Said’ (78RMB a set). Looking something more extravagant and indulgent? Go for ’Outside the Box’ (178RMB a set) with shaved black truffle, Iberico ham, Aussie beef and loaded with a generous amount of Brie cheese.

Photo: Mosto Group
You can also try the cheekily named ‘What Happened to Peppa?’ (80RMB a set), a pork burger with fresh avocado, cheddar cheese and coleslaw. If you’re on the fence about red meat, ’What Came First’ (80RMB a set) will give you the answer to the age-old question with a spicy crispy chicken patty. For vegetarians, there’s ‘Vurger’ (78RMB a set), a vegan burger with a veggie patty, avocado, coleslaw, pickles and lettuce.

Photo: Mosto Group

We say:

The newest eatery makes for a wholesome grab n’ go stop for a burger for Sanlitun’s revellers and brunchers. The saying comfort food doesn’t always have to be a guilty pleasure rings true for Burger Box, as it’s done fast food in a health and eco-conscious manner. In celebration of their opening, enjoy buy-one-get-one on all burgers until August 18, followed by 12 percent off on your total bill from August 19 to September 8.

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