US tavern chain World of Beer makes entry into Beijing

US tavern chain World of Beer makes entry into Beijing

With roots in America, World of Beer (WOB) bar and kitchen was established by two best friends with a love of beer in Tampa, Florida back in 2007. Known for their craft beers and craft cocktails and emphasis on the experience, it boasts 70 stores worldwide. Now, the US tavern chain has made its entry into Beijing.

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Beijing's first WOB outpost is tucked in the bustling CBD area of Chongwenmen. With chill vibes and a sleek interior through its modern industrial design, it comes with ample seatings and floor to ceiling windows, allowing you to enjoy being in the heart of the city, yet being in its own little oasis from all the hustle and bustle. By choosing warm hues and giving a statement to the bar area through a turquoise tiled wall, patrons are ensured a choice of quality beverages in a quality environment.

Its choice of location is also a plus. Surrounded by shopping malls and hotels and just a stone’s throw from the metro, it welcomes those coming late from the airport in need of a hearty meal and drink to settle in with its late hours from 11am-midnight.

Whether it be to shake off the stress of the working week or have a weekend lunch with the family, it caters for a wide variety of occasions, especially with their weekly specials, from buy-one-get-one-free burger night on Monday, and taco day on Tuesday, to ladies’ day on Wednesdays, and live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights.

For beer and cocktail lovers, WOB should not disappoint, with craft beers currently on tap include selections from local brewers Jing A and Boxing Cat, as well as Californian brand Goose Island. Yet as it is still new, upon a first visit, its collection of craft beer may appear small, but it will be expected to grow as it becomes more established in the Chinese capital.
  • 4 out of 5 stars