Restaurant of the Year

Find out the winner of the 2014 Restaurant of the Year!

Winner Temple Restaurant Beijing
Beijing’s food scene is a fickle one. It only takes a few years before a restaurant becomes passé, or worse, falls complacent enough to let their standards slip. For fine dining, this is especially the case. Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB) has never fallen foul of this trap, which is why we continue to book our tables there, three years after it first opened.

In many ways, TRB represents the best of the city. It certainly looks the part; TRB is located in a formerly-unloved historic property, refurbished so it looks charmingly old, rather than a freshly painted film set. The interior is an equally captivating setting, with modern art and striking angles. But they have more than a pretty space. Despite the fireworks when they opened back in 2011, and the praise that’s been lavished on the restaurant ever since, TRB is still pushing the envelope. They regularly organise themed dinners and bring in guest chefs – every decision is aimed squarely at treating diners to touches of excellence. They’re just as picky behind kitchen doors, too – they are known to be meticulous when sourcing ingredients.

In short, they’re doing great things down that dusty hutong. They’ve got a great lunch deal, an incredible brunch and the best international fine dining experience in town. Their European cuisine fits the bill for any sort of special occasion, supported by a drinks list filled with affordable and domestic vintages alongside some of the city’s tastiest cocktails. Servers are polished enough to make snap recommendations on dishes, and courteous enough to make sure every diner is happy.

We’re proud to announce TRB as our Restaurant of the Year. Nowhere else so perfectly distils the spirit of everything we want Beijing’s dining scene to be right now. every city gets one restaurant that sets the benchmark for the others to follow. Beijing’s is TRB.