Things to do in Beijing for 50RMB or less: food and drink

Cash in on special offers at restaurants, bars and bakeries across the city

It’s a week more until payday and that horrible practice of coughing up three months of rent at a time is fast approaching. You're bored of eating leftovers and you really need a drink. You deserve a treat. We’ve got your back. Here’s a huge heap of food and drinks deals – all for 50RMB or less.

Luncheon and a pint

Great Leap Brewpub #12


It may be quite the mess of a scene at night, but during non-vampire hours, the sun-drenched brewpub is quiet and immensely pleasant. The lunch deal is hard to top: order any sandwich or salad (generally priced around 45-50RMB, with a few items for a steep 55RMB) and get a Pale Ale #6, Edmund Backhouse Pils or soft drink on the house. A free drink. In the middle of the day. It’s almost like you can’t afford to not have it.

Get sauced Bond-style

Morton’s Steakhouse

MORtini Photoyay

Shaken? Stirred? Vodka? Gin? Just give it to us for under 50RMB... and with awesome steak sandwiches. The happy hour at Morton’s Steakhouse is arguably unparalleled.

From 5-8pm, fishbowls of gin (or vodka) are splashed with vermouth and garnished with three plump olives for 45RMB. Luscious cuts of steak are served sliced in delicate brioche sandwiches on the half-hour, and the very understanding staff encourages taking them in prodigious quantities. Sure, it’s not the most lively atmosphere
and the martinis are a sneaky
52.5RMB after service charge, but when you’re getting pleasantly sauced on an excellent cocktail and some of the finest steak in Beijing, none of that matters.

Great bread on the cheap


Thankfully, Beijing’s not missing out on the worldwide classic of an end-of-the-day bakery deal.

At Comptoirs de France, bread is buy-one-get-one-free in the evening just before close (hours vary by location but generally starting around 6pm). Comptoirs’ baguettes are some of best in town, and even better when they’re two-for-one.

Japanese bakery Pekotan runs half-off on all baked goods from roughly 9-10pm. A 6RMB super-flaky, ultrabuttery almond-chocolate croissant? Yes, please, thank you.

  • 4 out of 5 stars