Top hotpot restaurants in Beijing

Keep warm this winter with six of the best hot pot joints in the capital

Photo by Chen Chao
Keep warm this winter with tasty, toasty hotpot. Here are our recommendations for six great spots to enjoy to this favourite winter warmer.


Haidilao's secret? A mysterious pouch of chilli spice and milky broth that'll make your mouth water. Order their hand-pulled noodles; they come with a private table dance! See our venue here.


Specializing in lamb hotpot made Qing Dynasty-style, Manfulou not only offers good food, they offer great scenery, as well. Their lamb comes all the way from Inner Mongolia. Other menu highlights include lamb kebab, sesame pancakes and cuttlefish meat balls. Since 1991, Manfulou has hosted many celebrities, locals and foreigners alike.

36, Di’anmen Inner Avenue, Xicheng District (north of Jingshan Park) (Chinese: 西城区地安门内大街36号,景山公园北侧) 010-64030992


Instead of the normal oily hotpot broth, Zhenziwei offers Cantonese rice porridge as its base. The grass carp dish is delicious. So are shrimp, cuttlefish and beef meatballs. The carp used are farm-fed beans so the meat keeps its taste even after it’s been sitting in a sticky-rich broth.

8 Xinyuan Xili Zhong Jie, Chaoyang District, 北京市朝阳区新源西里东街左家庄, 6465 0514

Aura Hotpot

Looking for a new culinary experience? How about Isaac Asimov-inspired daxiao mian? At Aura Hotpot, a robot prepares the noodles right in front of you. Try their handmade shrimp balls, fresh-cut lamb or even your choice of tongue-numbing broth. Not a fan of Sichuan peppercorns? No problem. Hotpot is served with a clear, taste-bud-safe broth for those that can’t handle the heat.

Bldg 2, 8 Minzuyuan Lu, Chaoyang District (on the southeast corner of Minzuyuan Lu and Beitucheng Xilu) 朝阳区民族园路8号院2号楼 (8299 7003)

Taipo Tianfu Sanzhen

Don't expect much meat at Tianfu Sanzhen, which shuns traditional fleshy fare for mushrooms. Here, vegetarians and mushroom enthusiasts will find an array of wild fungi. In fact, Tianfu offers a menu featuring 20 different mushrooms, including jizongjun, niuganjun, songrong, xianggu, and zhusun picked in Sichuan and Yunnan. See our venue here.

Tomato Hotpot Restaurant

Looking for a twist on the classic hotpot? Try Tomato Hotpot Restaurant, which pays homage to the squishy fruit with a rich tomato broth base stewed for 24 hours. See our venue here.