Beijing's best indoor pools

Five public pools for serious swimmers

Dongdan Swimming Pool

Whether you’re looking to make a big splash or do a few lengths, here’s an indoor pool for every occasion in Beijing. From residential pools to Olympic venues, here's our pick for some of the best pools the capital has to offer.

Dongdan Swimming Pool (东单游泳馆)

Located at the Dongdan Sports Centre, this pool has great facilities and certainly proved clean and well managed: eagle-eyed employees watch your every move – albeit even in the changing rooms – to make sure that hygiene rules are upheld. A snack bar can even be found next to the pool, ever ...

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A2 Dahua Lu (Chongwenmen, Dongcheng)

Yingdong Natatorium 英东游泳馆

Located in the Olympic Sports Centre, the Yingdong Natatorium is no stranger to hosting large international swimming events such as races during the 1990 Asian Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. From recreational swimming to lap swimming, this multi-purpose facility is open to the public ...

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1 Anding Lu (Lido, Chaoyang)

Water Cubes Swimming Club 水立方游泳俱乐部

The iconic venue from the 2008 Olympics houses several world-class pools where you can pretend to be an Olympic athlete while making a splash. Although the very pool used for Olympic events may not be open for dips all year-round, there's another indoor 50m pool said to be used by athletes ...

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11 Tianchen Donglu (Lido, Chaoyang)

Ditan Swimming Pool 地坛游泳馆

Conveniently located northwest of Ditan Park, this ‘inner swimming pool’ is particularly popular during lunchtimes (when best avoided). Friendly, modern and clean, the locker rooms are disappointingly tiny, although the shower rooms are separated, so you can ‘for once’ wash yourself in peace. ...

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168 Andingmenwai Dajie (Dongcheng, Dongcheng)

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