3 to try: healthy meal delivery services in Beijing

Services that take the scheduling and decision-making out of healthy eating

Glo Kitchen + Fitness

Sometimes the busy days pile up and before you know it, you haven’t seen the inside of your kitchen in a week. If this happens more than you’d like to admit, Beijing has a glut of health-centric meal delivery services new and old that help take a bit of the decision-making and scheduling out of eating fresh.

Glo Kitchen + Fitness


Specialising in Western-style café fare, and offering a few favourites found on their restaurant menu, Glo offers two menu options. The first, Glo Fresh (from 588RMB for five days) is packed with dishes full of veggies. The second, Glo Fit (from 748RMB for five days), incorporates enough protein and healthy carbs for active individuals or those looking to build some muscle in the gym. Both are filled with snacks and enough variation that won’t leave you hungry or bored. To order, find Glo on WeChat (glokitchenfitness).

Tribe Nutrition


Sourced from local farms, Tribe Nutrition helps you swap sugar and processed foods for leaner and greener offerings that are flexible and can be adapted to individual dietary restrictions. Seven different meal plans are available – we tried the Fresh Lite and were pleased to still find hearty comfort foods like beef tagine and chicken curry. Orders should be placed two days in advance and Tribe will deliver to you six days per week, meaning cheat day Saturdays are still definitely a thing. To order, visit Tribe's website.



The app Yota is Chinese-only but is straightforward to use, regardless of language ability. Meal options are designed for those hitting the gym, vegetarians, or folks just looking to be a bit healthier. On the days we try, meals consist of six small-serving sides like veggie salads, roasted chicken, marinated mushrooms and scoop of multi-grain rice. Each bento box-style serving arrives close to mealtimes meaning they arrive hot and fresh. While you can book a meal a day for a week (from 245RMB) or month (from 900RMB) at a time, you can also book up to two hours before you want a meal delivered. Download Yota from the app store. Individual meals from 38RMB including delivery.

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