In numbers: LGBT in China

A sneak peak at the results of the biggest-ever official survey of LGBT people in China

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Less than a decade ago, trying to obtain empirical data on any aspect of LGBT life in China was virtually impossible. Today, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is in the process of conducting the biggest-ever official survey of LGBT people in China, the results of which will be published next year. At the same time, a local NGO, WorkForLGBT, founded in 2013, has used the vibrant and diverse local network of LGBT-focused social media platforms to present perhaps the most comprehensive overview yet of the personal, professional and commercial lives of China’s increasingly visible queer population.

Time Out Beijing dips into both the UNDP’s Being LGBT in Asia: China Country Report 2014 and WorkForLGBT’s 2015 China LGBT Community Report to give readers a sense of where China is in terms of LGBT recognition, and to give an idea of where things are moving.

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