Queer China in numbers

We took a peek at the LGBT community report to see just what's going on

LGBT life in the Middle Kingdom is rapidly changing, and thanks to the hardworking folks at WorkForLGBT, and their exhaustive 3rd Annual China LGBT Community Report, compiled with help from LGBT rights organisations across China, we’ve got a few updates on the living (and loving) situation of queers nationwide.

From the responses of 20,000 people, across a range of sexualities, ages and genders and spread across all of Greater China, it can be inferred that...

Marriage (and monogamy) are in
54% of men and 65% of women, versus just 40% of men and 44% of women in 2015, see same-sex marriage as "their ideal relationship." More women surveyed are in long-term same-sex relationships than men. 58% of men and 75% of women surveyed were "willing" to pay 40,000 to 60,00 RMB to marry abroad, though commercial surrogacy remains prohibitively expensive for most, with two-thirds saying they "would not consider such services" at the tested price.

Queer Chinese are social, and socially mobile
74% of gay and bisexual men use the social media app Blued, while 54% of lesbian and bisexual women use Rela. LGBT incomes are up 6% vs 2015 figures, and 2 in 3 are in entry-level positions. More gay and bisexual men than women surveyed had a college degree, and 1 in 2 worked in domestic private enterprises.

Old pressures remain
The vast majority of respondents described family pressure as their biggest concern, with men more concerned about their health than women. Most respondents had never attended a Pride event, or travelled specifically for LGBT community engagements.

But folks are opening up
Only 22% of men and 12% of women said they would "tell no-one" about their sexuality in the next five years. Women were generally more likely to be out to friends and family than men.

For the full report, click here.

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