Introducing Cat Aids

Get aroused and educated with the self-proclaimed 'best band in Beijing'

Over the past few months, you may have noticed an audacious new claim circulating on posters across the city: ‘Cat Aids is the best band in Beijing’. Ahead of their first EP release, Liz Tung talks with the duo – drummer Percy Piss Wizard and bassist Gustav Von Kluster fuk – about aubergines, Kevin Bacon and why they’re the best band in the world

Word on the street is that Cat Aids are the best band in Beijing?
GVK: It’s correct.
PPW: Absolutely true. Everybody says it.
GVK: We’re also the best in Shanghai.
PPW: And in Suzhou. And every city on our tour.

So can you talk a bit about what makes you the best band in… can we even say, the world?
GVK: I’m more than happy to say that. I believe in this project. I mean, some people go to the Bible, some people go to Cat Aids – and I believe more people go to Cat Aids. What makes us the best? All of it – the cats, the Aids, the balaclavas, the Kevin Bacon references…
PPW: No guitar solos though, because… f**k guitar.
GVK: F**k guitar solos. No sunglasses on stage. No Ray Bans… But yeah – our hair y legs, the fact that we stuff our shorts with eggplants.

Can you describe your music?
PPW: Awesome. The best. Stallion. Superb.
GVK: I think Cat Aids does make a statement. And the statement is – stop being so f**king serious. And that is an impor tant statement that needs to be made. In the two shows that we have played, I don’t think there was anybody that did not have fun. it was the most fun they had had in a while with their clothes on.
PPW: Granted the sound guy at School Bar was pretty upset when one of us jumped into the drums. But then he got fired shor tly after wards.
GVK: Which goes to show… Get with the programme, fatty!

What can people expect from a Cat Aids show?
PPW: Everything.
GVK: Arousal.

Does either of you have a cat, and if so, does it have Aids?
GVK: We run a hospice for infected cats. It’s where all the proceeds of our record sales go. So that has helped with the treatment. One of the reasons we have this moniker is that Aids doesn’t just happen to people, it happens to cats too. The question is, though: Aids shouldn’t affect cats – so why does it?
PPW: It’s a different type of Aids.

What is the solution to cat Aids?
GVK: Cat education – but that’s a hard task. Have you tried getting a cat to rubber up? To get a condom on? To use a prophylactic?
PPW: That’s why cats are our biggest audience. We speak to cats.In what way are you guys as a band similar to cat Aids?
PPW: We’re very infectious. People like us.
GVK:Well, people like cats and they don’t know whether cats have Aids or not, so…

Cat Aids play an EP release show at XP on Saturday 13. See event listing for show details
  • 4 out of 5 stars