Beijing's best DJ crews

In their own words, meet Beijing's local dj crews


'The funky sound of skweee'


Who ‘As few as two (Fløøød and Vurado Bokoda); as many as thousands.’

The name ‘87FEI87 comes from “ren fei ren” ( 人非人), or “a man who is not a man”. For us, we were making hip-hop that was not hip-hop, at the golden-era tempo of 87BPM.’

The party 87FEI87.

Where Dada.

When Bi-monthly.

How much ‘Free for local acts; 50RMB if we are flying in hairy men from Finland.’

Past bookings Limonious, Daniel Savio, Randy Barracuda, DKSTR, Mesak, Claws Costeau.

Genres Skweee.

Tracklist BMMB ‘Codes of Sweat’ , Limonious ‘Swizz Pommak’, Daniel Savio ‘Ill Eagle’. Dance moves Fønky.

The vibe ‘Frenetic, ultraviolet, callipygian [having well-shaped buttocks], priapic [having a persistently
erect penis]. Our music is performed live on analogue synths and drum machines, so it’s far more raw and direct than usual club fare.’

The crowd ‘Messy.’

Craziest moment ‘A hammered Swedish producer discussing price with the Fake Love crew, who he thought were tag-teaming boyfriend-girlfriend prostitutes.’

What sets them apart ‘We bring together real Beijing producers who are creating music and performing it live. No one is up there DJing other people’s songs. It’s a very different experience for both performer and audience.'

Bye Bye Disco

'She’s different from other people'


Who Pei Sun, Sodapop.

The party Computer Love.

Where Dada.

When Monthly.

How much Free.

Genres Disco, electro.

Tracklist Electrixx ‘Tetris’, Koto ‘Visitors’, Todd Terje ‘Inspector Norse’.

The vibe ‘Love and hate.’

Craziest moment ‘Once I was playing disco and a girl came up to me and said, “Can you play some disco?”'

Blow Yourself Blind

'Making the world a better place'

Blow Yourself Blind

Who PFAC, Vincent Suede.

The Party Blow Yourself Blind.

Where Dada, Ink, Lantern.

How much ‘We hate door fees, we hate dress codes, we hate snobby socialites. We love party people, lights and speakers, two-for-ones and sexy people.’

Genres Electro, house, hits, trap.

The vibe ‘Feel good, hug your friends, meet someone new, dance hard and look sexy doing it.’

Craziest moment ‘Someone bought all the Hello Kitty balloons from a Sanlitun street vendor and brought them to the party.’

Dim Sum Disco

'The ghost of Larry Levan'


Who Boflex, Tobias Patrick, Crystal Bones.

The name ‘Dim Sum Disco comes from a love of many genres of dance music and wanting to combine them together in one party. Like eating dim sum, you get to combine a lot of different little things into a glorious whole.’

The party Dim Sum Disco.

Where Migas.

When ‘Monthly-ish.’

How much Usually 30RMB.

Past bookings San Soda, DJ Kaos.

Genres ‘Disco and house primarily.’

Tracklist Theo Parrish ‘The Love I Lost (Ugly Edits Vol 2)’, JV ‘Edit Channel XXX’, Bicep & Ejeca ‘You
(Ejeca’s Piano Mix)’ .

Dance moves
‘Lots and lots of twerking.’

The vibe ‘Positive and dynamic.’
The crowd ‘It’s pretty diverse. We definitely have regulars, but can’t really pigeonhole them. There are nights when it gets late and messy, but in general it’s more about the music.’

Craziest moment ‘What happens at Dim Sum Disco stays at Dim Sum Disco.’

What sets them apart ‘We’re diggers and we’ve got the tracks that nobody else has.’

Do Hits!

'We make music'


Who Sulumi, Billy Starman, Howie Lee, Guzz, Veeeky, Cain.

The name ‘The name comes from the song “You Wanted A Hit” by LCD Soundsystem. We do real hits.’

The party Do Hits!

Where Dada.

When Monthly.

How much Free; 50-80RMB for international acts.

Past bookings Bok Bok, Dismantle, Blende, Mike Gao.

Genres Electro, techno, UK bass, future bass, oriental beats, house.

Tracklist Sulumi ‘Abjuration’, Eddie Beatz ‘Bong (Howie Lee Edit)’ , Guzz ‘Voyager’

The vibe ‘People are very open and nice.’

The crowd ‘We’re pretty much the only regular party that plays out the work of local producers, so we
draw lots of attention from the local crowd. They always show up early, which means that around 1am or 2am they are already very drunk!’

Craziest moment ‘We don’t want people to get crazy. We want them to listen.’

What sets them apart ‘We generate music, rather than just DJing.’

Factory (Unofficial)

'We go back to basics'


Who MRG, Juhstynn, Max at Large.

The party Factory.

Where Ink.

When Monthly .

How much Free.

Genres ’90s house.

Tracklist ‘Lots of Masters at Work.’

The vibe ‘We leave pretentiousness at the door.’

Craziest moment ‘One time we had someone get completely naked on the dance floor.’


'Funky freaks spreading the funk'


Who ‘The crew was started by Perman, Martin Star and Bite-Size Buddha. Currently, it’s Perman, Suiki and Bite-Size Buddha.’

The name ‘You get the fever for the funk and it spreads like a… er, fever.’

The party Funk*Fever.

Where Migas.

When 'We’ve been doing parties once a month for over five and a half years.’

How much ‘50RMB on average.’

Past bookings ‘We’ve had Natasha Diggs, NYC’s queen of the 45s. But generally, with our tight crew of three to four DJs and quite a few funky affiliates, we prefer to keep things local. This scene has plenty of talent.’

Genres Funk, Motown, disco, afrobeat, rare grooves, mash-ups, old-school house, classic dancehall, golden-era hip-hop.

Tracklist James Brown ‘Get Up Offa That Thing’, Daigo ‘Jungle Jazz’, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (The Reflex Re√ision)’.

Dance moves ‘From top rocking to poppin’ and lockin’ to two-stepping to just plain getting down and dirty. Think boozy Soul Train.’

The vibe ‘Feel-good tunes and positive vibes sprinkled with nostalgia. Everybody dancing, shaking, letting go and feeling good about themselves. That’s the power of the funk.’

The crowd ‘It’s a melting pot. We get some local breakdancers, some hardcore funk fanatics, some folks who stumble by but love the vibe, and people curious about the party and all the awards we’ve somehow managed to amass.’

Craziest moment ‘We do take pride in providing the soundtrack for some baby-making.’

What sets them apart ‘The ultimate strength of Funk*Fever is that we’ve grown together as a crew and the parties have organically gotten bigger. Each of us brings his own flavour to the nights, which keep evolving.’


'Mysterious, magical, psychedelic sensations'


Who Atoned Splendor, Microgram, Acid Echoes, Rigelmade, Anan, Yuyu, Dan.

The name ‘The style of our parties is psytrance. Goa in India historically is a very significant place for this style of music. There were many parties there that helped shape and influence the scene early on. So in a way our name is a homage to the birthplace of the genre.’

The party Psyfidelity.

Where ‘In clubs, but also in unique venues whenever we can. Psytrance really is an “outdoor” party sound.’

When Monthly.

How much Usually 50RMB.

Past bookings Aphid Moon, Ecliptic, Braincell, Martian Arts, Paul Taylor.

Genres ‘With Psytrance, you get lots of sub-genres. At our parties, you can hear psychill, progressive and full-
on psytrance.’

Dance moves ‘Anything you could possibly imagine. It can get very tribal at times.’

The vibe ‘Friendly and up-for-it. There is never really any aggression or attitude at a psytrance party .’

The crowd ‘We get all sorts of people: expats, Chinese, rich, poor, young, old. This is one of the cool things about psytrance, it is totally inclusive and pan-cultural. There is often a lot of interaction on the dancefloor – people talking to each other and making new friends.’

Craziest moment ‘One of the partygoers dancing on top of the DJ table!’

What sets them apart ‘It’s a complete experience. Decor at a psytrance party, no matter how big or small, is really important. We always try to create a visually stimulating environment.'


‘Damn good electronic dance music’


Who DJ Usami, Patrick Yu.

The party Moonlighting.

Where Migas.

When ‘Usually monthly.’

How much 50RMB.

Genres House.

Tracklist Copyright & Martha ‘Cross My Heart’, Todd Terje ‘Spiral’, Jus Nowhere ‘Hip House’.

The vibe ‘A lot of love and energy.’

Craziest moment ‘Saw a girl stripping. That was quite fun!’

NB Noise

‘The neon nightlife specialists’


Who ‘Danny, El-mar and Sasha. We don’t use DJ names; we keep it real. Some of us did in the past, but they are too embarrassing to mention. That’s our secret and we will never tell! Actually, if you plaster us with alcohol, we will probably spill the beans.’

The name ‘NB Noise has two meanings. One is what we tell our parents: “Neon Brand Noise”. The other meaning relies on you knowing a little bit of Chinese slang. There’s a good reason why we have the back end of a cow in our logo.’

The parties Neon Zoo, Neon Rainbow.

The venues We mainly stick to venues such as Lantern, Funky and Ink. We are in talks with other clubs such as
Dada, Migas, Coco and 5F, so watch out for events at these venues soon.’

When ‘We throw parties every month. We like to keep ourselves busy .’

How much ‘From nothing to 100RMB, sometimes more for our bigger events. But you’re always guaranteed free gifts to wear.’

Past bookings Cazzette (with Budweiser Storm).

Genres ‘We play a wide variety of house, electro and techno. It all depends on the party, really. Whatever gets the party rocking! No point being stuck up your own DJ butt.’

Tracklist ‘Three songs? Are you serious? We could tell you 30, but three wouldn’t do it justice.’

Dance moves ‘Dance moves vary, but one thing always remains constant: bold, bright and neon-clad party monsters populate our dancefloors.’

The vibe ‘The vibe is always colourful and fun, just like our deco.’

The crowd We get all sorts of NB Noisers: techno heads, drag queens, muscle men, kandi kids, disco bitches, party monsters. A very diverse set of followers whom we love equally .’

Craziest moment ‘A good friend of ours who won’t be named cough Stella cough was dancing on a speaker at Lantern. She was wearing a colourful set of LED finger lights and waving her hands around like the mad party monster that she is. She ended up putting herself in some sort of neon-induced trance and promptly fell off the speaker, breaking the guard rail to the VIP area and, I assume, severely bruising her arse. Luckily for us, she got up a bit dazed and confused, but continued to party on like a true NB Noiser!’

What sets them apart ‘We like to think our original concepts and fun atmosphere set us apart. But don’t take our word for it – get yourselves down to an NB Noise event and see for yourselves.'


‘Retro. Happy. Emotion. Memory’


Who Demone, Kaize, D, DJ Watermelon.

The party Retrodance.

Where Lantern, Dada, Fruityshop.

When Monthly .

How much Free-20RMB.

Genres ’80s, disco, funk, new wave, old-school hip-hop.

Tracklist Village People ‘YMCA’, Pet Shop Boys ‘Go West’, James Brown ‘Sex Machine’.

The vibe ‘Love is in the air.’

Craziest moment ‘At a club in Guizhou, someone poured money down on us from the second floor. We thought it was confetti at first!’

Street Kids

‘The sound of a bitch slap’

Street Kids Yauman and Mu

Who Mu Dirty dishes and DJ Yauman.

The name ‘We are from the street and want to keep our souls young.’

The party Son of a Glitch.

Where Dada and occasionally Migas.

When Once every month or two.

How much Free; 40-60RMB for international acts.

Past bookings DJ Zinc, Goth Trad, Mochipet.

Genres Glitch hop, bass music, breakbeat and dubstep.

Tracklist Opiuo ‘Wiggle Sticks’, Flying Lotus ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’, Hudson Mohawke ‘Thunder Bay’.

The vibe ‘Wobbly, glitchy, sexy music orgasm’.

The crowd ‘We get a mix of Chinese and foreigners. They’re music geeks, horny kids, hot babes and drunks.’

Craziest moment ‘Once we had a party with a Street Kids cake, a piñata in the middle of the dance floor and people dancing in unicorn costumes. At the infamous Colour Punch party we did with Let There Be House, more than 1,000 people got covered in coloured powder.’

What sets them apart ‘We don’t just stick to one type of music. But it’s not just the music that defines our parties. We bring culture inspired by movies or daily life or whatever. Our parties can sometimes have a theme or concept based on this.'

The Syndicate

‘Big, bad bass’


Who DJ Blackie, Donkey Tonk, Clir, Kay C, Chole, Elemental, Marsko.

The name ‘The Syndicate refers to a close-knit group, united by a common (possibly criminal) goal. I think it’s perfect for us!’

The party Syndicate Sessions is the most regular.

Where ‘Over the last ten years, we have thrown parties all over town. There are very few venues that haven’t hosted a Syndicate night over the years. Right now, Dada hosts our regular nights, with infrequent events at Lantern and Yugong Yishan.’

When ‘We throw parties once a month or more. This September, for our tenth birthday, we’ll have an event every week of the month!’

How much 30RMB; 40-200RMB for international acts.

Past bookings ‘Too many to list in full. Goldie, LTJ Bukem, DJ Hype, London Electricity , Zinc and Chimpo to name but a few.’

Genres 'We play any music that makes a sub-woofer tremble.’

Dance moves ‘Our best parties are arms-flailing, drinks-spilling rompa-stompas, which, luckily, is our favourite dance move.’

The vibe ‘We, like the many “massage parlours” around town, offer a satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you don’t stumble out in the early hours of the morning with a massive grin on your face, you were doing something wrong.’

The crowd ‘Our crowds are primarily young people, but on any given night you’ll find a proper cross-section of society in there.’

Craziest moment ‘Come on...’

What sets them apart ‘We have an incredible team. That is our greatest strength beyond any doubt. Every member of The Syndicate has played a vital role in bringing us to where we are now. We are hungry and we want to continue to develop the local scene in interesting and unique ways. This, I think, transfers to the crowd at our shows and manifests itself in raw energy at our events.The atmosphere at times is second to none in this city.’

  • 4 out of 5 stars