Celebrate Maybe Mars' 10th birthday with a week of awesome gigs

The Beijing label has been championing local music for a decade

Dirty Fingers
Beijing’s Maybe Mars label is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a week of gigs. Meet three of the most exciting new bands on the roster.

Dirty Fingers

rszDirty Fingers

Who are they? Incarnations of the band have been putting on enjoyably chaotic rock rollicking shows in Shanghai since 2013, later settling on the current line-up of Ruddy (vocals), Ahai (guitar), Zion (bass) and Ale (drums).
For fans of Raucous punk rock, DIY attitude, world- class moustaches.
They say Ale: 'The band changed drastically after Ruddy was invited to play some gigs. I
was hanging out in a museum in Shanghai when I saw a guy wearing a Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt, working as a queue controller. As I got closer I could see the horrible, super punk homemade tattoos he had on his arm. I asked, "Excuse me man, you have a band, right?" We exchanged WeChats and
the week after that had our first gig together.'
Listen on Douban. Their new album How Did I Learn to be So Bad, which will be their first release with Maybe Mars, will be out in December.

Dream Can

rszDream Can

Who are they? Arguably Shanghai’s most exciting new band, main songwriter A Re (vocals and guitar) formed Dream Can with Can Can (bass) and Qi Yu (drums) at Songjiang University.
For fans of Joy Division, Northern Irish band Girl’s Names (a big Dream Can influence), excellent knitwear. They say A: 'Can Can and I tried hard to look for a girl drummer; Qi Yu was the only one who wanted to join us. I found it difficult to have guys in the band... these girls understand what I try to express. What do I express? Well, big parts of my songs are about my dad. I don’t get many chances to talk to him directly so I have to put my emotions – not always positive ones – into songs. I don’t really know any ways to talk about my feelings other than by writing songs. It can be like throwing a bomb... it’s a way to reflect. But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t listen to their own songs. I would run away if I heard someone playing them.'
Listen on Douban. Their debut album is expected to be released next year.



Who are they? Zheng Dong (vocals, guitar), Da Long (bass), Di Gua (guitar) and Mao Te (drums), all from Guangxi, formed their indie art-rock troupe in summer 2016.
For fans of Joyside, Joy Division (them again), sensibleness. Zheng: 'Our gigs aren’t noisy and messy, like those of punk bands. We are introverts.'
They say Zheng: 'At first we were defined as a post-punk band, but we don’t want to label ourselves. We write songs about the digital era, humanity and life in general – I have a song called ‘Chair in the Cloud’ that’s about a chair high in a cloud, with a lot of people wanting to sit on it, and discussing the meaning of many people struggling to climb onto the chair. There’s also one called 'The Lost "It"', which is about something missing in modern lives – something related to people’s minds and hearts.'
Listen on Douban. The band’s debut album will be out in 2018.