China Music Valley festival line-up

Avril Lavigne, Editors, Little Boots and Ladytron set to appear on Friday 29

We’ve already reported on the China Music Valley festival and the big acts they’ve roped in including Editors, Little Boots, Ladytron and Avril Lavigne (interviewed exclusively by Time Out).

If the big foreign acts actually make it past the red tape and onto the stage it will be the most exciting thing to happen in our upcoming three-day festival mayhem.


Beijing Yuyang International Ski Resort, for directions see their transportation guide

Call 400 620 6006 or visit My Piao.

260RMB (per day), 380RMB (two days); 200RMB (per day, presale), 300RMB (two days, presale)
April 30
Yue Stage

2-3pm Deep Rainbow
4-5pm Negative
6-7pm F.I.R.
8.30-10pm Avril Lavigne
11-11.30pm Li Gaoyang & Band
Gu Stage

3-4pm Free The Birds
5-6pm Rooney
7-8.30pm Juliette Lewis
10-11pm Jerry Huang 

May 1
Yue Stage

2-3pm Jessica Jiang
4-5pm Tiger Huang
6-7.30pm Ladytron
9-10.30pm KT Tunstall
Gu Stage

3-4pm Hot Hot Heat
5-6pm Little Boots
7.30-9pm Editors
10.30-11.30pm Paul Wong
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