Dear Eloise: Beauty in Strangers

Easy-listening release from husband-and-wife duo.

Consisting of PK14’s Yang Haisong and his wife Sun Xia, Dear Eloise make noise rock packed with reverb-soaked interludes and fuzz-coated vocals. A year after their under-promoted debut The Words that Were Burnt, the lovebirds turn to the easy-listening genre in this, their sophomore release.
The album gets off to a humble start with ‘Hello Hello’, a shredded bubblegum pop song overlaid by Sun’s carefree vocals and Yang’s trademark blistered guitar. Rowdy distortion takes us to ‘Secret Life’, a dark marching band anthem that brings early PK14 to mind. The journey then enters shoegazing territory with stark, blunt drums that can be lukewarm at times but remain rich enough to avoid boredom. Songs like ‘She Never’ recall The Velvet Underground, while ending track ‘The Stranger’ sinks into gently tapped percussion and spacious guitar solos. Yang once said that Dear Eloise would never perform live; all the more reason to seek this out.