Review: Chui Wan 'White Night'

Experimental psych that'll take you on a trip

Released last month, the experimental-psych quartet’s debut record, White Night, comprises eight tracks that mix urgent, drivingly cold riffs with unctuous, Middle Eastern-sounding psychedelia.

While their dark, squealing jams may feel improvisational, the songs feature a careful calibration of pounding rhythms and loose, syncopated guitar interplay, all swirled into an opium-like hallucination with liberal doses of reverb.

LISTEN Chui Wan - Another Kind of Love

The results range from the menacing pulse of ‘Black Cat, White Cat’ to the underwater propeller trip of ‘Refute’ and experimental exploration of ‘Another Kind of Love’. While the last two tracks are the weakest, lacking the kind of compelling, Old World-style mystery that characterises the previous songs, they point towards future experimentation with jams and instrumental lines beyond the guitar and bass.

Altogether, it’s an impressive, strikingly original debut that blooms with strange, disorienting revelations.