10 minutes with… Daikaiju

And what a strange, strange ten minutes they were...

Huntsville, Alabama is about the last place you’d expect to find the inheritor of Godzilla’s legacy. But then there’s nothing expected about Daikaiju (or ‘giant monster’), a Japanese-inspired surf-punk band that performs in creepy, Eyes Wide Shut-esque kabuki masks. Though they generally refuse any communication beyond surf licks and miming, Time Out convinced Daikaiju to do an email interview to discuss their origins and their music. At least that was the idea. We dive head first into the nonsensical, punctuation-heavy world of Daikaiju

Who are Daikaiju?
Premium action heroes: Secret-man function springy sound, Rock-man function breezy sound, Pulse-man function punchy sound, Smash-man function battery sound!!!

Where do Daikaiju come from?
Daikaiju come from location of last Daikaiju attack!!!

Which daikaiju[giant monster] is Daikaiju?
All daikaiju is Daikaiju!!!Who is Daikaiju’s greatest enemy?Mecha-daikaiju!!!

Who is Daikaiju’s greatest ally?
Team Daikaiju!!!

Why do Daikaiju’s faces look so angry?
Daikaiju feel your confusion, but Daikaiju face reflect full spectrum of emotion!!!

Watch Daikaiju - Double Fist Attack

What kind of music does Daikaiju make?
Battle Surf Sex Metal!!!

What are Daikaiju’s live shows like?
Most exciting shower of golden radiance!!!

What do the Japanese people think of Daikaiju?
Daikaiju very big in Japan!!!

What is Daikaiju’s goal in life?
Daikaiju seek to make the most high rocket sonic attack for maximum earful pleasure!!!

How can Beijingers defend themselves from Daikaiju?
Join Team Daikaiju!!! Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound will create divine psychic wind for your special defence!!!

How can the people of Beijing join Daikaiju?
Worship psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!!!

Daikaiju play at XP on Friday 26, and Temple on Saturday 27. See event details.