3 to try: indulgent Beijing milkshakes

These shamelessly indulgent treats will coddle even the sweetest of teeth

When the finest ice cream shops in Beijing simply won't do, swap that cone for a glass and check out our list of shamelessly indulgent milkshakes that'll coddle even the sweetest of teeth.

Beer Milkshake


Can't decide between that pint or dessert? With the Beer Milkshake from CBD newcomer Beersmith you'll never have to. This indulgent giant, a sweet mix of the brewery's chocolatey porter, chocolate ice cream and whipping cream, is begging to be shared on a balmy summer evening.

Get it Beersmith.

Cost 68RMB.

Nutella Black and White


For the classic all-American milkshake experience, there can only be one acceptable recipe, the so-called 'Black and White', with vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup and a scoop of malted milk powder. This beast has got it going on as it also adds Nutella, which makes anything taste better.

Cost 58RMB.

The classics


These milkshakes ought to come with a disclaimer. Classic flavours like Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanlilla (and the alcoholic Mudslide) have wedged their way onto Moka's Bros dessert offerings, each topped with a mountain of Chantilly cream bathed in chocolate syrup, just for good measure. A beverage? A dessert? Depends on the time of day.

Get it Moka Bros.

Cost 58RMB.

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