Beijing's best takeaway services

Staying in doesn’t have to mean McDonald’s three times a day

Sometimes the thought of leaving the sofa seems like a step too far, but you've still gotta eat right? Whatever the weather, these trusty delivery services won't let you down. From pizza to noodles and curry, they've got it all. You pick the restaurant, they'll deliver.

English delivery

Making expat life easier


Jin Shi Song

With its English and Chinese language interface and stylish website, Jin Shi Song is our top choice for reliable delivery within the Fourth Ring Road. The customer service hotline comes in handy as well if you don’t have access to the site or app, but expect an additional service fee for phone ordering.

Phone: 4000 300 517

Jin shi song


A bit more pricey than Jin Shi Song if you live outside of central Chaoyang district, this Shanghai import makes up for it with the largest selection of restaurants from all over town and accurate delivery times. Its live web chat support comes in handy when setting up an account.

Phone: 400 600 6209


Chinese only

English service comes at a premium – these local services deliver on the cheap



China’s answer to Yelp, this user-driven restaurant and venue site is a great resource when it comes to local spots that are popular among the city’s netizens. The user reviews tend to be a bit sensational, for better or worse, but the price per person is freakishly accurate for local dining.

Click the wai mai (外卖) icon to see what the top-rated options in your area are. Delivery costs a very friendly 7RMB, or free for larger orders. We found the interface easy enough to navigate even for those with minimal Chinese.


Baidu Waimai

As the delivery service from tech giant Baidu, it should come as no surprise that this service is pretty slick. The options lean towards local tastes, but it’s great for cheap homestyle Chinese dishes in a pinch. We found it the easiest to navigate with little-to-no Chinese skills. Plus, many spots offer free delivery with a minimum order of 80RMB.

Baidu Waimai

E Le Me

Similar to Baidu Waimai, E Le Me is a home-grown delivery service that requires a bit of Chinese to navigate but is worth the effort for its speedy delivery, good variety of local options as well as popular foreign chains and minimal delivery charge.



Grocery delivery

Stock up for the long haul


Tootoo Organic Farms

One of the only grocery delivery services specialising in organic produce, Tootoo is our go-to for healthy greens, imported meat and frozen seafood. Sign up online for daily text messages on special deals and new arrivals. Delivery is free for orders over 200RMB; order before 11am for same-day delivery by 5pm.



Jenny Lou’s

For all your imported foodstuff needs, same-day delivery from Jenny Lou’s Market is available within 2.5km of any of its branches spread across Chaoyang, but we were able to convince them that our apartment, which is just under 3km away, was close enough. Setting up a profile is easy on the site but expect to make a trip to the store to set up an account with a payment method if you don’t have a Chinese credit card. (Delivery fee may apply.)

Jenny Lou's

Home chef

Bring the restaurant home


Hao Chushi

When you can’t bring yourself to put trousers on but a professionally cooked meal is what the doctor ordered, Hao Chushi has got you covered. The app is easy to navigate with minimal ‘restaurant Chinese’ language skills. Just download, pick a menu and book a chef. Reserve at least 12 hours in advance; six-dish menus start at 139RMB, not including food costs. Available in both Apple and Android stores.

Hao chushi

Wine and spirits

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you can’t have a boozy good time

Jing Dong

A great resource for spirits, wine, mixers and basically anything else you could need (check out for groceries and daily essentials as well). Order before 11am for free same-day delivery on most orders.



Jiuxian Wang

A good stop for bargain hunters looking to stock up on discounted wine. Jiuxian is not the place for the uninitiated as there is plenty of swill for sale, but if you know what you are looking for there are some great deals to be had.


Jiuxian wang

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