Food Awards 2017: Asian Fine Dining

The best places in Beijing for a top quality taste of Asia

We're blessed in Beijing that not only do we have endless delicious Chinese food on our doorstep, we also have opportunities to taste the best that the rest of Asia has to offer. Asian restaurants in Beijing range from the budget to the boutique; we think these spots are the best in the luxury price bracket. You can vote for your favourite here.

Yotsuba (四叶将台西路店) (Lido)

Yotsuba is a veritable sushi heaven in Beijing, with seafood flown in daily from the Tsukiji market in Tokyo to ensure the requisite freshness. For a full-on sushi experience, park yourself at the counter where the chef does his stuff right in front of you. You can watch as he runs his knife ...

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9-3 Jiangtai Xilu (Changping)

Okra 1949

Max Levy’s temple to modern Japanese cuisine is a sexy nerd – much like the owner-chef himself – that puts the big, flashy types to shame. Every inch of the concept is super refined, but small touches like the brass soybean pod chopstick rests and cocktails like the Pickled Jew – Levy’s take ...

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Xue Wei (雪崴)

When it comes to spending more to get less, Japanese cuisine is second only to designer underwear and private universities. So it’s with some trepidation that we venture to the newly opened Xue Wei, a twelve-seat tempura bar sandwiched between the brightly lit store fronts of Hong Jie. Would ...

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Hong Jie Gongti Dong Lu

Xiyilang (喜一郎)

Awesome tempura and stelar sashimi served up by a third generation pro. Check out the first look here and keep an eye out for a full review coming soon.

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Unit 5, Vanke Park (north side, around the corner from Pizza Hut) Tianshuiyuan Jie

Midorikawa (绿川)

This review is based on the original location that opened in 2011. Duck into Midorikawa and feel yourself be slowly enveloped by its muted colors, soft lighting and hushed tones. The sushi bar only seats eight, but the deep blonde wood counter and comfortable high-backed armchairs beckon you ...

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4 Gongti Bei Lu, (Next to the Local) (Changping)

Ao Man (傲鳗)

Ao Man specialises in fresh seafood – in particular, eels, which are slaughtered each day by the chefs trained in Japanese-style cooking. Expect refined, non-greasy cuts that suit a special occasion.

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Entrance 3 Jiangtai Lu

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  • 4 out of 5 stars