Food Awards 2017: Chinese Fine Dining

Beijing's best restaurants for high end Chinese cuisine

One of the wonderful things about food in Beijing is that there is so much to eat that is plentiful, delicious and cheap. Sometimes, though, the fancier mood strikes and we want dishes that satisfy our airs and graces as well as our taste buds. These restaurants don't mess around when it comes to Chinese class and cooking. You can vote for your favourite here.

Najia Xiaoguan

This chain has three locations in Beijing, but the beautiful Yong’an Li courtyard location is our favourite. The story goes that the descendent of a Qing emperor’s doctor opened this restaurant based on instructions in an imperial cookbook. Whether it’s true or not, the story does explain why ...

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10 Yonganli, Jianguomenwai Dajie

CLOSED Duck de Chine (Sanlitun)

Beijing has a new contender for the city’s best roast duck. Duck de Chine’s (188RMB) embodies moist, flavourful meat with crispy skin that tastes rich but not the least bit fatty. Even 30 minutes after carving, the skin’s texture still seduces. Of the usual roast duck accompaniments, the ...

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Gongti Bei Lu (Changping)

Ba Ye Fu (八爷府)

An elegant courtyard restaurant which, in true Beijing style, is massive – it seats around 500 guests and has more than 20 private rooms.

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55 Beixin Bridge

Lan Ting Li Jia Cai (兰庭厉家菜)

With ancestors that used to cook for the Chinese emperor, the Li family has a long tradition of cooking. Their recipes and techniques can be traced back to the traditions of the imperial court. Father Li still reigns the kitchen and uses no artificial additives or MSG.

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99 Yuxiang Lu

Fei Lin Jiu Ge (芾林酒阁)

Fei Lin Jiu Ge offers a fine dining experience in a quiet, modern setting. There's seating in the elegant restaurant and outside on the terrace, both with views of the lake. Head here for a modern take on Beijing and Shandong dishes. Reservations are recommended.

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Deshengmen Inner Street

Lei Garden

Don’t be intimidated by the lavish menu of shark fin, abalone and bird’s nest offered at Lei Garden. There are plenty of typical and reasonably priced Cantonese dishes to choose from, and a selection of dim sum offered from 11.30am until 3pm.The baked soft-shell crab with egg yolk created ...

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89 Jinbaojie (Miyun county)

Xin Rongji (新荣记)

Xin Rongji avoids the excess of glitz, glam and gimmickry that can ruin the city’s fine dining restaurants, and instead focuses on the clean, subtle flavours of Jiangsu province. However, while the restaurant is more restrained than some of its gold-plated competitors, the chefs certainly don’t ...

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2 Jianguomenwai Dajie (Changping)

Cai Yi Xuan

Critics' pick

The flagship Chinese restaurant at the Four Seasons Beijing is in a class of its own. The décor of illuminated lattice work, polished marble and onyx hint at the truly palatial proportions of the cuisine. The kitchen, which remains silent and out of sight, casts doubt on almost everything we ...

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48 Liangmaqiao Lu (Changping)

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  • 4 out of 5 stars